Saturday, May 21, 2011

A walkthrough for the Naked City Secret Case-Vice Cop

I Location: Crime Scene-Julia Randall’s Apartment
     A. On your way up the elevator check the small trash can for the Morphine clue
      *Note* is that all my old partners in one room?
     B. Go to the bathroom to talk to the M.E. and then go over the body. Don’t forget to check the ring on her finger.
     C. Go into the bedroom. Check the pill box on the table. Further examine to get to the pills, then further examine again to get to the prescription from Dr. Stoneman
     D. Examine the pictures near the housekeeper, the middle one has a message behind it.
     E. Make sure you examine the jacket hanging up.
     F. Question Virginia Reynoldson
          Q1-Lie-(Sleeping Pills)
          Q2–Lie-(Men’s Smoking jacket)
II. Location: Dr. Stoneman’s Practice
     A Question the Doctor
III. Location: D’Assine Dress Shop
     A Question Owner
     B. Meet Heather Swanson and check out her ring before questioning her
     C. After leaving find a call box that should light up to call in
IV. Location: Hollywood Receiving Hospital-go to Morgue
     A. Talk to M.E. Check out both bodies if you want. Look at the harmonica
     B. Go out and walk into the Police station and into Interrogation 2
     C. Question Henry Arnett
          Q2-Lie-(Housekeepers Statement)
V: Same Location to start
     A. Tail Arnett to see what’s he’s up to
     B. Remember to stay not to close, not to far away, and try not to cause a scene. Even if that means being the only car in the middle of the road stopped all by yourself.
     C. Drop off partner at 1st place(Pawnshop)
     D. Follow to a stop, then get out and follow to Travel Agency. Before bursting in after he leaves to get info.
     E. You meet up with partner, and he tell you about how Arnett took a hit selling a gold faberge cigarette case. Go use a phone to make a call
V. Location: Hollywood ninth Beat
     A. Kill all the bad guys to help out the street cop, to get info needed
VI. Location: Hollywood Police Station
     A. Check out the contra-ban list. Spot 1. Faberge Gold Cigarette Case, Black Sapphire Ring, Silver Pill Box, and Pearl Ring. This gives you Mrs. Beverly Everstrom’s Residence
VII. Location: Everstrom Residence
     A Interview Mrs. Everstrom
          Q1-Lie-(Faberge Cigarette Case)
     *Note*-Isn't that Heather Swanson?
VIII: Start at Everstrom Residence
     A. Take Heather Swanson to Henry Arnett’s Apartment. Drive slow, and cautiously. There is a secret achievement if you can drive her there without getting into any damage at all to your vehicle.

IX. Location: Henry Arnett’s Apartment.
     A. Chase down the perp the best you can
     B. Look around. Check out the suitcase, look at watch and then ticket
     C. Interview Henry Arnett a second time
          Q1-Lie-(Faberge Cigarette Case)
          Q2-Lie-(Train Ticket)\
          Q3-Lie-(Contraban List) (Guy just can’t tell the truth can he)
X. Location: Dr. Stoneman’s Practice
     A. Nothing really to do but watch the quick movie
XI. Location: Willy’s Apartment
     A. You and your old partners split up. Follow down the street to the sound of the harmonica
     B. Chase Willy all the way up.
     C. *Note* When give chance to shoot at him if you can shoot every letter in the Broadway sign before killing him its an achievement.

Achievement List (It’s a good one)
1. ‘A Good Looking Corpse’-Find and inspect all narcotics in Julia Randall’s apartment
2. ‘Fakeloo’-Tail Arnett to both places without getting caught once.
3. ‘Chauffer Service’-Take Heather Swanson to Arnett’s Apartment without taking any damage to your car
4. ‘Give My Regards’-Shot out all the letters in the big sign when you take down Willy
5. ‘Eight Million Stories’-Complete The Naked City case

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