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Halo 4 Campaign Walkthrough, and Multiplayer Guide

Halo 4 Walkthrough

Campaign Missions

*Note* There are no skulls to find. L

*Note* The Game starts with a little background cinematic on how and why the Spartan’s where created, and a little history (I Love watching this). You start as the world famous Master Chief in cryo-sleep aboard what remains of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn. He is awoken by Cortana (Your favorite A.I. from all the previous games) a little more than four years after the events of Halo 3 in the year 2557.

*Note*-If you have played any of these games before then you should know to always pick up new weapons, and always be looking to upgrade them from those you have killed.

I. Mission One- Dawn

Access Master Chief’s records. Doing this will give you the Achievement “Digging up the Past”. Wait until Cortana’s done talking then walk straight ahead till you see stairs going down to the left, and take them down. Turn right, and head to the computer console that is functional. Walk up to it and hold the appropriate button to view the records for Spartan, John 117.

     A. Now head back up the stairs and to the yellow lit room and to the first console to find out how badly damaged the ship is. Get weapons, and life support online. Make your way to up a few floors to the next waypoint as your ship is heavily scanned by an unknown party. Then to the elevator, that you will need to open. After you have to climb the elevator walls, quickly slide left to avoid the debris, and then left to the opening, being prepared to find a Covenant Elite soldier who needs to die.

     B. After turning to the opening sneak up the stairs and get a stealth kill, which does alert the rest of his friends, but is a lot of fun. Plus you get his weapon, and you can never have enough. Now move around and take out all his little buddies. Before overriding the blast shield. OMG is that an entire fleet, ut ooh insert Scooby doo voice.

     C. Make sure you are behind something preferably up the stairs near the console area or the landing party will blow you against the wall. Ready for some fun, because here it comes. Take out the elite first on the right side, then deal with all the grunts, before doing the same on the other side. Then head for the elevator banks. Your next objective will be to make your way through different waves of hostile forces (Usually one elite, and a three or four grunts. Always kill the suicide grunt first. Till the big room where the number of foes jumps up) to try and deal with the cruiser.

     D. Now it is time to head outside, and discover that you have been orbiting a forerunner planet. You should pick up the battle rifle, and then take out the enemies dropped in your way from a distance. Be careful, there is at least one sniper with a beam rifle. So stay low as you make your way over to initiate a launch. Of course once you do, it’s jammed so you need to head back across the area just a some more drop ships lay down a new group of enemies.

     E. After dealing with them use the appropriate button to kick start the missile. Now head back quickly following the waypoints set up by Cortana to the escape pod. Ignore the enemies inside, and just run as you feel your pulse quicken as the tension builds trying to get to safety. Till the mission ending cutscene.

II. Requiem

    A. All I can think as we fall to the planet is where can I get one of these suits. After the cutscene make your way up picking up newer weapons as you look for a way off this rock. You can head up and look around, but the way out is a tunnel with some debris in it on the bottom level. After making your way through and finding a warthog (What is human stuff doing here?) flip it and drive down the hillside, through the tunnels till you get near the bottom. (Now would be a great time to have some friends for a co-op). But since I’m alone, here the best you can do is try and stay upright and run over as many as you can till you find the ghost. Then it’s time to drive and shoot, the only drawback from a warthog.

     B. The big group next to the ghost needs to be dealt with until all are gone. Then get off the ghost and traverse up the mountain path. You will need to deal with enemies along the way. There is plenty of ammo, plasma grenades are everywhere and plenty of places to dodge as you make your way up this linear path. At the end, make your way up the platform but be prepared for the invisible elite with a sword as one swipe kills you. So take this guy out from long range, or get him with a sticky. Then take the sword and let Cortana start to work on his cammo, and then enter the door lock.

     C. Head across warzone of already dead enemies to the console in the back. Just make sure not to jump off into nothing. Use the appropriate button to active the console, and watch the cutscene. Now you have to activate two separate sections to bring the console back online. Get the first by clicking on the bridge, then head to the second when the ambush happens, shocked I know. If you have the sword this should be a short fight if you use it smartly. Then activate the second one, and notice that the transmission sounds human. Deal with the next group and then head over to the cartographer to reactivate it and watch the cutscene. Now walk over and pick up the hardlight shield.

     D. Best option is to move up top and snipe every creature you can with your best long rang weapon. Then drop down and find some better guns before working your way across the bridge that reminds me of a multiplayer map I remember. Make sure to load up on your favorite ammo before coming to the section that heads down with a banshee across. Stop here and snipe for a while.

     E. After done, cross over without falling to your death, and enter the banshee and use it to kill all the other banshee’s. Then take out the ground forces before heading through the door lock.

     F. Enter into the wide open. Be wary of the turrets and make sure to kill those guys fast. You can always go over and take control of one of them for a bit if you like. Which can be helpful, when dealing with the ghost if you are not a great shot. Another option is to kill the grunt on the ghost and then use it to run around slaying everyone else. Most familiar with Halo will tell you to use a machine like the ghost till they kick you off it. Make sure to pick up the SAW and the rocket launcher as this usually mean you will probably need it against a boss. So save the rockets for something special.

     G. When you reach the point that you have to get off the ghost, head up stairs and deal with the enemies, and you will notice a drop ship with more to deal with. This is a good opportunity to snipe with your carbine, or whatever unless you still have the SAW. When you are done with the smaller enemies the Hunters are up top being irritated. Use your rockets on the first, and then notice the second one. Another option is to have picked up the sword earlier and they can be killed with a good couple blows from behind while jumping. After they are dead head through the door lock.

     H. Proceed to the terminus. A Cutscene, and then a preview of enemies to come.

III. Forerunner

      A. Hit the panel on the platform and then jump into the portal to the left. Your goal is to knock out the two pylons to get a signal out. Just ahead you will have your first introduction to the Promethean Crawlers; these creatures have noticeable heads, so aim for those. They hunt in packs and are kind’ve creepy the first time you fight them, but normally attack one at a time. Just know if you see one you will probably see more. Try the bolt gun they drop, as it’s a lot fun.

     B. Further down you will face a truly nasty combo, a knight, with a watcher (The hovering craft). The watcher has a shield that covers them both, and the ability to revive the knight. So it is very important that you kill the watcher first. You don’t have to, but it’s a heck of a lot easier if you do. Whatever you do, once you start don’t finish till they are dead. Don’t let them find cover and recharge their shields, or you will just be spinning your wheels.

     C. First you will need to take out two shields areas before heading up to the pylon. Expect a lot of enemies, and the need to take cover some times. Once both shield sections have been shot, your next objective is protected by two knights, and a couple up top. Once you have dealt with your foes take the elevator to the top, and shut down that pylon, and enter the wormholes to the next one.

     D. The next one is happening during a Covenant invasion of the area. So stay back and try and take out the Promethean foes from long distance and let the Covenant help you out. Of the two the Covenant are the easier to fight. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Though the covenant will try and kill you when they see you. When you feel like it cross the area and make sure all are dead before you can continue.

     E. Watch as some ghost fly past a knight that you must kill. Then take the ghost and ride it around laying waste to everything in the area. Now take the tunnel to the area with banshee’s. If you can hit the guy before he can jump into the last one its hard but worth it, as you will need to deal with another in the air, and he can lay waste to your ghost. If not try and snipe him, or just lay waste to all the ground forces in your way to your first of three power cords. Lastly make your way up and turn off the last pylon so Cortana can transmit.

     F. Now jump through the portals till you are near some drop ships. All lined up like that sounds like a good time for a grenade. Now head up and try to sneak up on a few as the Covenant and Prometheans are in a battle. Till you get to the cinematic and learn something about your new enemy. Afterwards run, get in a ghost and drive fast time is running out. Nothing like the collapsing level. Just keep moving forward. You may need to start over, but keep going till you get to the end.

IV. Infinity

      A. Head down the jungle path till you find some knights and an officer. Wait for them to warp out, then go down and get the DMR, and any other weapon you want along with some grenades. Make sure to check the tag, and then move on to your next objective.

     B. When you get to the area with the night vision. Stay up top and use the binary to snipe, or other rifles to snipe down below. When ready head down below and prepare to have to deal with a lot of enemies as you chase down id tags. If you find a magnum use it, these are one shot weapons if you hit the right spot.

     C. When you reach the one near the door make sure you have the weapons you want as the door will trigger a cutscene. Now you have two marines with you as you make your way to clear the LZ. Use your two buddies to distract the others as you take everyone down. Try to keep them alive, as it’s nice to have company. When you get to the pinned down marines, use the rail gun to take out the beam turret guys, as they are nasty. Use your DMR to take out the rest, as it is a lot easier with the turret guys out of the way. Head to the top of the hill for a console to interact with, then use the turrets to defend it.

     D. Things get tough now as you have Promethean, and Covenant foes to deal with. Us the turret till its empty, there is also another rail gun to find. Taking out all these enemies is rough but fun. When the phantom shows up retreat to the tunnel; try and take it out with the rail gun if you can. When the battle is over climb into the Pelican.

     E. Use your DMR to take out the foes between you and the Scorpion tank. Once inside, wait and let on as many marines as you can. They will deal a lot of damage to the foes on the ground. The smart move is to crawl slowly and take out the towers from long distance. When the Wraith appears take it out fast (Usually 3 shots), also don’t forget to deal with the ghost. You can take out the phantoms, but only if they become irritating. Continue till you reach the large elevator.

     F. Once inside it gets even better as there are more enemies, and several hunters to deal with. Just remember to take it slow and methodical. Once everything is dead jump out and take the rocket launcher and get inside the Mantis Mech. Save the missiles for the beam turret guys that are usually on the bridges, be careful one shot can kill your mech. You should have some marines with you to help out with the other guys.

     G. Use the elevator to get to the top, and watch out for grunts with charged plasma guns as they can stun you, and the kamikaze grunts with sticky grenades. You will need to take out 3 different jammers. Then you will need to defend the area from phantoms. If your mech gets destroyed there are a couple near to change into. The phantoms take about 10-12 shots to bring down, but are a waste, as all you need to do is kill the turret guys, and the soldiers they drop.

V. Reclaimer

     A. Grab a sniper rifle before you head out, then into the Mammoth. Work your way to the top, checking out all the cool stuff till you get to the top and talk to Commander Laskey. Grab the jet pack, and head over to the rocket launcher turret. Now search for sniper towers and send them to where ever it is that the Covenant go lol. Don’t forget to kill all the ground troops before switching to the other one when the phantom appears. Then take out the next tower, and ground troops, ghost as well. Now get in the warthog and drive around why a marine shoots for you.  When the wraith appears use the launcher to take it out, or snipe the gunner, etc. Don’t try to take this one as it’s not near any of the others.

     B. The waypoint will lead you to the edge of the lake. Here you can press UP on the D-Pad to select the laser from space and then highlight the Phantom and pull the trigger. Now return to the Mammoth, and cross the lake. Use the launchers to end the banshee’s. Then hop off, and move on to destroying the three generators. Just remember to find something that moves fast, and if you run out of ammo head back to the Mammoth and get some more.

     C. Later use the beam to ride up to the drop ship, and destroy it from the inside. Then back to the Mammoth, till the terrain is too much for it and its time to go solo again. Use the sniper rifle to take out the snipers at the top, and any others you feel like. There is heavy fighting as you make your way the big gravity well you need to shut down. Just remember to keep moving, take cover when needed, snipe when you can, and be wary of those sniping at you.

     D. Once inside follow the drone, to the elevator. Then follow more to till you get to the spot. Now you will need to search around for Cortana. Keep going until you find the “Librarian” forerunner, and be ready for a crazy revelation.

     E. Once the cutscene is over kill the first wave of promethean’s then pick up Cortana. It’s time to get out of this messed up place. Fight your way to the elevator in the back of the room. Through the wormhole, then into the Scorpion, it is time to kick some butt.

     F. Keep moving as you mow down several wraiths, and ghost, till you reach the shield. Then head down, and take out the shield generators. Head to the next waypoint, and sadly time to leave the Scorpion. But at least it’s an easy run to paint the target on the gravity well, and watch the pretty explosion. Back for the cutscene on the ship, nothing like watching weakness in leadership.

VI. Shutdown

     A. Make sure you walk around and listen to the different conversations in the hangar, especially the two just across from the Pelican you are to board, you will be glad you did lol. Also choose your favorite weapons as you walk around as well. DMR, shotgun, rail gun, SAW, etc. This should let you know what is coming. When you are set and loaded get into the Pelican and try her out. If you get the no controls bug, you may have to restart the mission. Don’t know how it starts nor why, but unless it has been fixed later, it can happen.

     B. On your way to the waypoint get used to the controls, and toggling the weapons. At the waypoint you will need to use them to take out many phantoms. *Note-There is another way of doing this by just killing one or two and hard landing at the LZ and just running to the doors. When you come out, the skies will be clear either way*Once you have cleared the area of phantoms, set down and head into the first of two wave generators you need to shut down. Inside as the platform starts to move, snipe the covenant enemies to your right. Because you guessed it, you will need to go over there eventually to keep your platform moving. Be prepared once you release the lock out for the knights to show up and make this fight a little harder. Just remember to stop and snipe when you find a good spot, and clear all the enemies you can before proceeding. You will now need to clear your old platform before you can continue, and once it starts expect a couple more knights to just appear on your platform.

     C. Once you have cleared your platform again start sniping the knights near your objective. Just be wary because they like to teleport over to you and are big on charging your position. When you get stopped again, this time with tougher enemies to stop, before you can get started again. Then when you’re done fight your way over to the carrier way generator, and use your suit to take it out. When it’s done head back, but take out the watchers as you travel. Now back to the pelican, time to head over to the other one.

     D. Expect much heavier resistance inside this one. No platform this time, you will need to sever 3 connections to achieve your objective. As before snipe when you can, but expect the little Prometheans to sneak up close when you’re in zoom mode. After taking out the first node, expect more enemies to teleport in. To open the second one you have to defeat the knight who likes to teleport away when you do enough damage, keep on him till he’s dead. After the second is down, watch out for the beam laser sentry; don’t take a hit from him. When the third is down take out the watchers, and finish off those that warp in. Expect another platoon of bad guys to teleport in the hallway out.

     E. Load up and get into the Pelican and instead of heading for the ship, go to the waypoint Cortana comes up with. Inside deal with the Covenant enemies as the tower around you moves and shakes. Take out the plasma cannon and fuel rod guys first. At the end there’s some hunters, and there is an achievement if you can get one of them to accidentally fall off the side, “Explore the Floor”. Then take the beam up.

     F. Now there are two ways to get here. One fight through all the enemies, slowly making your way to the door. Two is to take the banshee and fly right over to it and quickly get inside the doors while avoiding heavy fire. Once inside follow the onscreen prompts after the cutscene to trigger another one.

VII. Composer

     A. Search the ammo case to find a hologram. This can be used to distract enemies and draw their fire while you shot them in the head. Enter the fray, and try to mow down as many enemies as you can the doctors will distract some. Around a corner what out for the one shot one kill snipers. Once you clear the initial area, a phantom drop ship will bring the second wave. Get to the turret which is hard, and now you will have to survive drop ships with turrets of their own. Just watch out for the elites who sneak up behind. You overall goal is to get near the window and raise the shields so they can’t bring anymore drop ships in.

     B. When finally secure, head to the next waypoint with loads of covenant enemies in your way. Some will have your back to you; show them their mistake with some manual kills. Then kill everyone near the turret, as they will all go for it. At the stairs stand there and kill the grunts coming down it.

     C. Except your gift and prepare to use it on some angry hunters. But feel free to try out all the cool weapons available as you deal with them. Then head to the doc for a cutscene.

     D. Now you will need to activate the outer turrets to defend the civilians on Evac ships. You will need to fight through many covenant soldiers to get there. This is close quarters, with long hallways, like you would expect on the inside of a spaceship. There are various checkpoints, and many enemies. Watch out for the familiar invisible elite with a sword who want to sneak up behind you. When you finally reach it, insert Cortana in, and then fight your way to the evac area.

     E. Now it is time for a little fun, head over to the Mech, and start laying waste to those that oppose you.  Start with ground forces, then some Banshee’s, and ghost join the party. Try to find a place where a side or your back is protected as you take them all out. Things get really interesting when some phantom drop ships appear inside. You will reach a checkpoint when it’s time to head back to the elevator, so do so whether or not all enemies are down. Head inside, and do as instructed.

VIII. Midnight

     A. You are now in the broadsword, with similar controls as the Pelican. You will need to use your weapons to destroy floating objects that will hit you, and your thrusters to speed through collapsing areas so you don’t get smooched. The turret fire isn’t necessary to hit, if you’re nimble enough. Finally you will get to an area where there is much more room. Quickly fly over to the glowing point on the spire with your guns. Now there are huge turrets to take out on the outside. They have to be hit in a certain orb spot. Take out the small guns near it, then the orb to bring it down. Once all four are down a cinematic will trigger.

     B. Quickly take out the watchers before they can build the beam sentry, and then head to the next area, which is the same except it has knights as well. More knights, and then the final terminal. Inside the Didact ship there is a series of hallways with knights, and watchers protecting them. Head to the terminal when Cortana tells you. Then you will face different knights with crazier weapons to dodge, use the door as cover and snipe them. If you are at the right place they won’t charge you, and you can take them out from safety. When done check them for weapons, and the auto-sentry.

     C. Enter the elevator, then the portal. The first one has some crawlers to deal with and a binary rifle to find. After the second portal find the rack of light rifles and use them on the many knights, and watchers. Snipe the knight with the Incineration Cannon, the next portal takes you to an armory with all kinds of cool stuff.

     D. After the portal, quickly melee attack the knight with his back to you, then deal with the crawlers, and watchers along with four more knights. An auto sentry would be good right now. Pick up the Incineration Cannon when you can as it deals with knights fast. Now to the next portal, you will need to defend the area from crawlers so you can pick up Cortana. She will give you some help with some beam defenses. Eventually you will find her at a console.

     E. Head to the next waypoint with heavy crawler numbers, and through the portal. You will need to step into the launcher to get shot across and into an armory, stock up. Then deposit Cortana at the console, and head right and launch over to an island. There is an armory through the door, but save that stuff for later when you need it. Take your time and deal with the watchers, and crawlers, then head back to the armory when you are done and pick up the Incineration cannon before accessing the panel.

     F. Launch to the next one and immediately take out the knight with the cannon, before switching to deal with all the little guys. Now find the beam sentry, and take it out. The island it is on is full of the best ammo. Plus this spot is a great place to skip the rest of the enemies and just run to the next launcher.

     G. I hope you saved your Incineration Cannon ammo, because the top platform has 8 or 9 knights and this will be a serious fight. Trigger them by extending the bridge. When all are down a waypoint appears on where to go next. Which you guessed it has some more knights on it that need to die. Then head to the waypoint to trigger the nuke as prompted to trigger the ending cinematic.

                                                       Multiplayer Guide

*Note* New to this game is the ability to set up your guy the way you want him armed before hand along with his bonus's. Thus the non need of skulls. You should play around with each and find the right combination for each style of battle, and map style that suits you.
I. Abandon

               -Special Weapons to find= The Scattershot can be found in the middle of the map, on the bottom floor of the science facility. There are also random drops, grenades, and two needler’s to find.

               -The Map= basically this is an abandoned science facility in the jungle. One of the smaller maps, with a lot of close quarters fighting, and no vehicles. Plus the trees and nature do their best to make it hard to snipe, and easy to get killed from behind. So you will be in constant battles

II. Adrift

               -Special Weapons to find= Sword in the large room at the center of the map. Just to the left of the blue team spawn point is a sticky detonator, just left of the red team is a scattershot. There are also grenades, and random drops.

               -The Map= this is a mining vessel. This is similar to Abandon in the play style you will face. Close quarter fighting, long hallways, and an open central room for major bedlam. Suggest using close quarter perks.

III. Complex

               -Special Weapons to find=Each team will get a sniper rifle right near their initial spawn point. Energy sword in the middle of the map, with a scattershot behind it, and on the bottom level.

               -The Map=Unlike the previous two maps this is a large map, where each team has its own base with weapons, and vehicles to play with. You will need to use long rang weapons, as you should see your enemies coming.

IV. Exile

               -Special Weapons to find= Each team will have a sniper rifle on the hill next to their initial spawn point, a rocket launcher can be found near the walkway next to the banshee spawn point, and grenades, and random drops. There are two warthogs, two mongooses, turret, two ghost, and a banshee.

               -The Map=Might be the largest map in the game. This one is big on vehicles, and for team on team missions.

V. Haven

               -Special Weapons to find=Scattershot, located near the bottom of the map, just under the centerpiece. There is a sticky detonator in a corridor of a sublevel near the stairs to the second level; there are also needler’s, grenades, and random drops.

               -The Map= This map offers a variety of openness mixed with close quarters tiers as well. Great for a whole lot of different types of missions, but no vehicles. Keep moving constantly or somebody will get some from where ever you aren’t looking.

VI. Longbow

               -Special Weapons to find= Rocket launcher at each teams initial spawn point up a hill. Opposite of the main structure is a Rail Gun, and the Spartan Laser, also there are sniper rifles, grenades, and random drops.

               -The Map= This frozen tundra is the games’ biggest map. Bring you’re a-game guns, and leave the little ones at home. There are many vehicles to play with.

VII. Meltdown

               -Special Weapons to find= Railgun can be found to the right of each teams initial spawn point, near the ghost, to the left are Incineration Cannons. There are a lot of vehicles to play with

               -The Map= A crazy world that is being destroyed by radioactive impacts. The middle area is great for vehicle on vehicle battle. The top is great for sniping, and close quarter’s battles.

VIII. Ragnarok

               -Special Weapons to find= Spartan laser, on the cliff that overlooks the stream in the middle of the map. Railgun can be found to the right up high of each initial spawn point for each team. There are sniper rifles, grenades, and random drops. Mantis Mech behind each teams bases, along with banshees, warthogs, mongooses.

               -The Map= This is Valhalla, just renamed.

IX. Solace

               -Special Weapons to find=Energy Sword in middle of the map, underground. Few steps away is the Incineration Cannon, Sniper rifles, grenades, random drops

               -The Map= Basically the Narrows from 3

X. Vortex

               -Special Weapons to find= Look up high for a sticky detonator, and just opposite of the map is the other, Needler’s, sniper rifles, grenades, and random drops. Rocket warthog, in the middle of the map, and a Wraith parked in the pathway to the main structure. This is the best vehicle map there is in this game. There are also ghost, regular warthogs, Mongooses, turrets.

               -The Map= A big map designed for team battles

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Benedict Arnold Missions- Assassin's Creed III. Exclusive to PS3

*Note* These are exclusive to Playstation 3, and can be started once "Missing Supplies" of Sequence 09 has been completed.

I. Traitor in our Midst

     A. The memory starts just inside of the West Point Map, right near New York City. Make your way to the green circle just south. There is a soldier at the back of the patrol that must be eliminated. The easiest way to do this is to cut through the gap in the barn and hide in the hay cart. After he’s dead go back the way you came.

     B. Now there are two more you need to make dead. Use eagle vision in both zones to identify the golden targets. The first is in a tent on the west side of the camp. When sneaking over take note of the other soldiers patrol. When he turns away do a quick hidden blade assassination and leave the body where it falls as you go back where you came. The other is busy taunting a redcoat prisoner. Just wait in the concealed area for him to walk by and no one will see you.

     C. The very last target is in the fort. For some reason even though you have probably liberated several forts for their side by now they still don’t like you. Calmly walk in and quickly turn right to have the last target knock you out of the way as he runs passed you. Kill him quickly and end the memory

II. Showing Traitors the Way

     A. Speak to the Patriot soldier to the south to begin the memory. Pick up the crate, and place it at the waypoint. When the traitor runs from the crowd, quickly run him down and tackle, don’t kill. Now take him the ship docked to the East (Vulture).

III. A Spy Among Us

     A. Inside of the Fort to the west is the Memory start. Receive your orders then carry the powder keg to the reserve. Then place it in front of the door, and move to the area to begin your eavesdrop. Use the hiding areas, and brush to maintain your closeness to the conversation. It gets easier once you get outside to follow them with so much cover.

     B. When they break apart follow John Anderson as he meets up with his Redcoat buddies. Now follow him into the cornfield. Do not get seen, as it will desynchronize. Watch as he jumps into a hay cart and changes uniforms. Now you will leave the cornfield and near some trees. When you get to the one that usually starts a free run through the trees, (A stump, then a tree going up) Use this to free run trailing him till he’s intercepted by a Patriot patrol.

IV. Battle of West Point

     A. Stock up only all your stuff, as a big fight is coming up and you want to be prepared. Head to the fort to start the memory. Now to survive and win this fight you will need to pay attention to the on screen prompts.

               - No matter what you are doing, when the “kill a sniper” comes on your screen, stop whatever you are doing and do this immediately. They are trying to shoot the powder reserve, and blow up all the ammo.

               - When prompted break away and defend each gate. Luckily these soldiers are usually the normal ones who die quickly and don’t block counter kills.
     B. When the battle is over, you are done. Now you can enter West Point, as its over. This is also a good place to do some of your club challenges, there are now some new ones from West Point as well.

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Assassin's Creed 3 A Complete Walkthrough

*Note i will update the side missions later as i wanted to get the main storyline out first as been playing non stop to get this here*

Sequence 01
*The beginning is a tutorial for those new to Assassins Creed, and a refresher course for those of us who have played one, or all of the previous games.*

- Start as Desmond and walk until you get to a cutscene, then after the two barriers have been opened moved down the slope, and enter the Temple. Get inside the Animus, and follow the directions from Rebecca as you learn, or remind yourself how to do some of the simple and important things in this game. I’m not going to give you a walkthrough on the tutorial, as its fairly self explanatory.
( You are now Haytham Kenway)
I. A Deadly Performance.
     A. Head to the Auditorium (Straight Ahead), and let the attendant guide you to your seat.
     B. Once the show starts trigger Eagle Vision, and find your target.
     C. Head to the isolated area in the back of the Auditorium, up the small stairs, ladder, and onto a ledge then slide right and around the column.
     D. Make your way up, and to the right as you search for your goal the door high, and to the left of stage. Unlock it and enter.
     E. Now backstage make a jump to the prop with the Sun and clouds on it, when it drops make your way to the left and up a ladder. Then climb the ledge and reach the moon prop, which will make another drop, then left to the balcony and another cutscene.
     F. Follow the waypoint markers and then a left to a crowded hallway. Use your fast walk to push your way through as the memory ends at the entrance.

II. Heading to the New World
(Optional Objectives – Limit Health loss to 10%/ -  Rescue James within 40 seconds)
     A. (Day 2)-Leave your cabin and to the upper deck. After the cutscene ends you will get your first chance to learn about the new fighting system for this game. Then run to the waypoint, and activate Eagle vision to investigate the barrels. You can now head back to your desk to move time forward, or you can play some of the mini games that are offered (Fanorona and Nine Mens Morris)
     B. (Day 28)-When you gain control head over to the Cook and then speak to James.
     C. (Day 33)-You will have to duel Mills. Use the counter and disarm combo as it’s a good time to practice it, or you can do a counter kill if you just want to end it. Then speak with the captain, and climb/follow the waypoints to open up the sail. Now comes your second half of the optional objectives. You must save James within a 40 second time span, which is fairly easy. Save and reload if you have problems as you should have this down by now.
     D. (Day 72)( And you thought cross continent airplane rides were long)-Meet with the Captain, then climb the mast to end the Sequence.

Sequence 02

I. Hello Boston!
     A. Follow the waypoints along the boardwalk past the market and meet Benjamin Franklin, before entering the general store and purchasing normal sword, and flintlock pistol as directed. Then leave the store and take the reins of the horse offered by Charles Lee and ride with him to the Green Dragon Tavern. Then follow him in, and upstairs. 
*Note* Any attempt to make any real money to stock away for the good stuff later isn’t really worth the effort as everything is really chump change. There is a side mission with Benjamin Franklin all of what you need isn’t available till much later in the game so save it for later.

II. Johnson’s Errand
     (Optional Objectives- Kill 10 Mercenaries with firearms/ -Don’t let Hickey nor Lee lose more than half their health)
     A. Follow the onscreen directions and shoot the sentry, then move quickly up the bank ahead and pick musket from the rack and shoot the first guard at the gate you choose. Drop the musket and grab the next one. Johnson and Lee should have taken care of the rest by now, and approach the men occupied by firing practice. Shoot the first one you feel like then as the remaining mercenaries rush you end their lives the best way you know how.
     B. When prompted use precision shot and shot the barrels to open a big hole for you to go through. Then approach the chest.
     C. As your optional objective is to keep your buddies at half full health or higher you will need to jump into the battle with the mercenaries you come and try to keep them occupied with you. Quick pistol shots, and counter kills are recommended. When all are down and the cutscene is over make sure to loot the bodies.
     D. Follow your buddies and into another battle, follow the instructions for the previous battle again, trying to shoot a few to make your way up to 10 you will have another opportunity later, but why wait to stack them up. Just remember to remember to stay inside the circle on your map or the memory ends.
     E. Watch out for the ambush by the house near the crops. Move in close and take out the Mercenary. Then take cover behind the cart from the snipers. Take your time and use precision mode in between their shots to take them out with a musket. Always remember to loot the corpses for ammo, etc.
     F. One more battle left; take out this first wave of ground forces up close. Then use a musket to take out the two snipers on the roof before taking out the other two. Loot the bodies before moving on to the next waypoint.

III. The Surgeon
(Optional Objectives –Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards/ -Don’t fail in a single Eavesdrop/ -Remain undetected during the warehouse infiltration)
     A. Speak with Charles Lee to begin the memory, and then exit downstairs to be transported to a house and interact with Lee again.
     B. Move over to the highlighted area and begin eavesdropping in this blending and eavesdropping tutorial. Then move to the next waypoint.
     C. Climb to the top of the church, and the grave yard to avoid unwanted attention. Keep an eye out for the sniper to the South. Then scale the tower to get to a viewpoint (A well known, and well loved part of the Assassin Creed series to open up your map view of the surrounding territory.) to Synchronize. Then align with the hay cart and do a leap of faith.
     D. You now must get three eavesdrops to complete the optional objective part.
               - Move over to the produce booth to knock out the first one.
               - Then north and wind east the north, down the road and use blend to tackle the 2nd one.
               - The last is the hardest, as you have trail two soldiers who are walking laps basically. You need to use blend as they pass, then blend again to follow them without incident to complete the last one.
     E. Now move to the next investigation zone. *Special Note* (The warehouse you need to enter is inside a restricted area red zone. In these zones you will be investigated by all soldiers, and will be attacked if identified, which makes stealth hard in these zones unless you’re careful.)
     F. Using roofs, etc to sneak your way over to a view of a hay cart near the warehouse. There is a guard patrol that you need to avoid to enter the warehouse unseen. When they pass and move into the alley count to five then calmly walk your way over till you see a standing guard the left, then press against the corner and assassinate him. Fast walk from here to the door and open the door to enter the building triggering a cutscene. Don’t worry if any guards notice if you move fast they won’t have time to investigate you and raise the alarm.
     G. There are three guard possibilities to pickpocket to get the key to the warehouse. Two are surrounded by a lot of witnesses, but there is one lone guard on the roof top just begging to be your victim. Climb the ladder and watch his movements then you can move into pickpocket him, but you’re likely to get caught, so instead use a non lethal takedown, or assassinate him and dig in his pockets for the key.
     H. Head back to the warehouse. Hidden blade time, sneak up and silently assassinate the guard to the left as Charles Lee does in the one to the right. Then Assassinate Cutter to complete the memory.
*Note Stop now and go to every viewpoint you can find, and unlock them. This will make the area a lot easier to traverse. Plus its interesting*
IV. The Soldier
(Optional Objectives- Limit detection time to less than 15 seconds/ - Perform a kill streak of 3 straight/ - Prevent Snitches from calling in reinforcements)
     A. Enter the Green Dragon Tavern to trigger the cutscene. Speak with Charles Lee to begin, and then follow Lee Braddock.
     B. Stay behind Lee as you follow the patrol from a safe distance, use blending with civilians and hiding to behind corners, and other obstacles to avoid visibility. Don’t freak out with the timer, just stay with Lee and you should be ok.
*Special Note* in this battle coming up you need to take out the snitches first. They are the ones who don’t fight and try to run to get reinforcements. The 3 kill streak may be hard to accomplish, but using counter kills, and combo’s to get the 3.
     C. Charles Lee will create a diversion allowing you to follow the soldiers into the back alley. After the cutscene you have a frenzied fight to take out Braddock’s men and immobilize him. When the last of his soldiers fall move up to Braddock to finish the Memory.

V. Infiltrate Southgate.
(Optional Objectives –Find and kill the General/ -Perform three stealth assassinations/ -Avoid firing line damage.)
     A. Enter the Green Dragon Tavern and speak to Lee to begin the cutscene. After grab a musket and move with stealth to the rooftops and the opposite side of the street as the procession passes beneath.
     B. The ambush begins when you shoot the first soldier you chose. Enter the quick battle preferably with an air assassination. With the help of your friends this battle should be short and sweet.
     C. Time to play some dress up. You must now ride in the appropriate horse drawn cart to infiltrate the Southgate Fort. You will need to use your allies to assassinate suspicious soldiers to avoid detection. You will have your work cut out for you remove guard dogs, investigation soldiers, etc. Make sure they are dealt with before the detection meter gets too full.
     D. Inside the fort walk up the road until you see an officer coming your way. One of your allies will distract him before he gets to you.
     E. You are now on your own, and must maintain anonymity as you kill the General, and free three groups of captives. You will arouse suspicion if you move too fast as you make your way past the tents, and towards the ship and find a nice hay cart.
               -Use the hay cart to assassinate the General, but take your time as he has a very irregular patrol pattern.
                -Now move along the south wall to your next objective. Find a nice hiding place besides the building and perform a low-profile assassination, then free the captives.
               -Now make your way to the next group of captives to the north, which are guarded by an officer. Sometimes he’s stationary to start, so watch and wait from a distance. When safe hide in the hay cart and assassinate him when best, then free the captives.
               -Move up the dock towards the ship, and assassinate the officer quietly. Climb the side of the ship and watch the patrolling guard. When he moves towards the captives move over to the crates and perform a corner assassination. Now move over to position and use the whistle to draw the guard away and towards you to perform another corner assassination, then free the last group of captives.
     F. For full synchronization you will need to avoid firing line damage. The first one is a tutorial. Now you will need to move cautiously to make sure in the future to have a good shield for the next.
     G. When done climb the wall to reach Silas, who should be killed quickly ending the memory.

Sequence 03

I. Unconvinced
(Optional Objectives – Limit health loss to less than 50%/ - Use tow breakable objects in a fight)
     A. Enter the Green Dragon Tavern and talk to Lee. Now ride to the south exit of Boston. Now the hard part, finding Lee in Lexington which can be a little confusing. Your best bet is to travel west till you get to a road traveling north, take that for a bit ignoring the other roads to the left until you reach a fork and take the road that travels slightly northwest which curves down, and heads west, then head north to find Charles Lee and speak to him
*Special Note* Wolf Attacks= they usually circle you and maintain a consistent distance. This is a good time to shoot a few if you have any pistols.  Individual wolves will attack. Be prepared to follow on screen prompts to kill each individual wolf without taking damage. These are quick, so you fail you will have to rapidly tap the x or square button depending upon your console to fend them off.
     B. Get on your horse and follow Lee to the abandoned campsite. Get off your horse, and follow the trail in the snow till you find a crouched figure triggering a cutscene. Then chase after the woman who jumps from tree to tree or you can just chase the waypoint marker which is easier to trigger another cutscene. After which a pack of wolves will attack you. After dealing with the wolves activate eagle vision and look northwest to the wooden platform in the trees to find the woman hiding there.
     C. Follow the woman on the ground again till you reach a rocky outcrop to finally intercept her.
     D. Now outside Concord with Kaniehti:io, perform a leap of faith, and then enter the tavern.
*Special Note*Brawling in Taverns- Going on the attack usually lead to loss of health, instead use counters, and parries to maneuver the attackers into position for takedown. You can also use counter throws to direct where the enemies go. This is especially helpful if you need to do something like use some breakable objects in a fight to pass some obscure optional objective.
     E. Inside the tavern blend with the non-military people and eavesdrop on two conversations. When you try to leave a fist fight starts, so use the Brawling in Taverns note to complete the optional part.

II. Execution is everything.
(Optional objectives – Don’t kill any guards/ - Sabotage two cannons)
     A. Take a horse and ride to the memory start. Note along the way you can knock out a few Viewpoints. Head south from the Tavern( if you cross the river you went too far), then left at the main road till it curves up, then take the fork south as it curves west, before taking the fork south, then a quick southwest to meet up with Kaniehti:io.
     B. Use the snowstorm to run to the waypoint marker, approach the cart and jump inside. Note if you are seen during the rest of this memory Desynchronization will occur.
     C. When the cart comes to a stop, hide in the nature behind it, and move cautiously to remain unseen. Wait until the patroller walks away, and then climb the roof to find the first eavesdropping area. Move along the roof listening to the two soldiers till the near a hay cart. When the nearby guards look away drop in and wait till the session ends.
     D. Since we aren’t killing anyone on this mission select your fist on the weapon wheel. Move from the hay cart to the tall grass and sneak up to the guard and do a non-lethal. Then take the map from the tent. Then exit and use the high grass to sneak up on the guard in the Sentry tower and non-lethal him so you can move over to the 1st cannon and disable it.
     E. Hop the wall, then down the ledge, past a tree to another little wall and wait. When the patrolling guard turns away from you quickly jump the wall disable the cannon, then back behind the cover of the little wall. When safe jump into the water and swim back to Kaniehti:io to complete the memory.

III. The Braddock Expedition
(Optional Objectives- kill two soldiers without triggering open conflict/ - Destroy three powder carts)
     A. Enter the Tavern in Concord to begin the memory. After a quick ride on a horse speak with Kaniehti:io. When you gain control move over to the trees and into a pile of branches when no one is looking.  There are two patrolling guards and other stationary ones. One back and forth, and the other in a circle around the camp. When they move off silently assassinate the sentry standing nearby stationary guard. You can then whistle to attract the other to accomplish the first part of the optional objectives. Now you can chose to start open hostilities and deal with the rest of the guards or slowly stalk and kill them.
     B. Follow the waypoints till you reach Braddock’s area to trigger a cutscene. Then pursue him with a horse. You must maintain a certain distance to him or Desynchronization occurs. You can use the spur command A or X depending upon your console. There also the added fun of having to destroy three powder carts while doing this. This can be done by shooting them as soon as you can and reloading quickly. Then another cutscene and you can deal with Braddock as you feel like.
     C. After another Cutscene and you are back in Boston. Enter the Green Dragon Tavern to end the Sequence. Now back in present time, take the time to talk to everyone outside of the animus. When ready enter back in to start Sequence four.

Sequence 04

(You are now Ratonhnhake:ton, an assassin to be of British and Mohawk decent son of Haytham Kenway and Kaniehti:io)

I. Hide and Seek
(Optional Objectives –find all the children without making a mistake/ -find all the children within 4 min)
     A. On your map- Activate Eagle Vision to be sure before you check-The 1st one is to the east, just below a rock hill which the child is crouched by. The 2nd one is just northwest of the 1st on the other side of the rock hill near the beginning of the tree line, inside a pile of branches. The 3rd one is almost due west of the 2nd in a hiding place behind two smaller trees.
     B. Now time that you have seek, time to hide. Make your way to the waypoint, then enter the hiding place up ahead quickly to beat the time limit. Then return to the village, find the 2nd house and cut through it when prompted to move the obstacle. Avoid the flames, they really suck your health. Then interact with the door when directed to do so. Search to the left and find the debris covering your mother.

II. Feathers and Trees
(Optional Objectives – Don’t touch the ground or water/ - find three more feathers. Note Stone areas and logs are not considered the ground.)
     A. Speak with your friend to start the memory. This will be a free running on trees tutorial of sorts. After the cutscene free run through the trees to the next waypoint. It’s going to feel weird at first, but eventually it will become as easy as walking on land. Move from tree to tree till you get to the stone area which as I said is not considered the ground. Use it to reach a log, turn around and return to your friend to pick him up when he falls.
      B. Now free run to the waypoint and another cutscene. Make your way to a cliff face and up and approach the nest to get the feather. Now there are two feathers marked on your map. After you climb the trees to get them head northwest until you find a dead tree for the third.

III. Hunting lessons
(Optional Objectives- Hunt and skin 3 different types of animals/ -Combine bait and snare to catch an animal/ - air assassinate 2 animals)
     A. Hunting Lessons-tutorial on how to hunt. Just follow the on screen prompts, and when it comes time to get the animal enter eagle vision, then put out the bait from your concealed position, and kill the animal when it moves within range. Skin the animal, and see what you caught in the snares.
     B. Now is the time to make all the animals fear death from above. Free run into the trees and stalk and wait till an animal highlights to air assassinate them like one of the bad guys. Now find slight open area and set your snare with some bait and retreat to a good area to wait for the animal. It’s really easy.
     C. Now move to the waypoint, when a bear charges you. Press the on screen prompts to evade its attacks, then run out of the red circle to escape it to end the memory.
     D. Now talk to the Clan Mother and be prepared for some quick responses. You may need to redo this one a few time to get it perfect.

Sequence 05

I. A Boorish Man
(Optional Objectives- Don’t take damage exceeding 51% of your total health.)
     A. Time to leave the frontier and head to the Davenport Manor.
     B. Approach the front door of the manor and begin the memory, which is heavy story, and not so much gameplay, until you wake in the barn during a storm.
     C. In the fight coming up some of the bad guys will attempt to grab you, press x or box depending upon your console to escape. Since you need to not take much damage use a lot of counter kills, and fight cautiously. After the cutscene enter the Manor and follow the old man till the memory ends.

II. Visiting Boston
(Optional Objectives- Escape within 80 seconds)
     A. Leave from the front door and talk to Achilles. Arrive in Boston walk with the old Assassin till a cutscene happens. You will gain the new adopted name of Connor, which is a whole lot easier to say and write down. Follow the waypoint and enter the store, have conversation with the shopkeeper, then return to Achilles.
     B. Walk with Achilles until the unrest escalates into a cutscene. When you have control tail the suspicious man maintaining your distance and using blending and cover. Once he reaches the ladder wait till he is at the top to follow him. On the roof use the chimney to stay out of sight till the man halts on the other side of the roof. A countdown timer will start and you have to run up behind him and perform an assassination before it ends.
     C. You are now on maximum notoriety. You must now escape the area in 80 seconds. Run northeast on the rooftop using the tree to get over to the next building. Cross it and to the next with a leap of faith at the end that should end pursuit. If they were too close and saw you, find a body of water and dive in and swim till they give up.
     D. Be careful and make your way to the next mission start. You are still at maximum notoriety, so you should consider every soldier and others to be actively looking for you. Use everything you got to get to Sam Adams without incident. Too bad you can’t ask him for a Samuel Adams right lol.

III. Boston’s Most Wanted
(Optional Objective - Don’t raise your Notoriety to Level 3)
     A. From the hay cart make your way over to the 1st notoriety poster, assassinate the guard and tear it down. Now move around to the right and jump into the hay cart one level above your position. When ready assassinate the guard. Then when clear head straight and left behind the building.
     B. Wait out of view until the two man patrol moves behind the fence and then run up and tear down the poster. Then retrace your steps back to Sam Adams. He going to show you another way to remove notoriety which cost coins, which you probably don’t have enough now, but fortunately this one on him.
     C. Now you must get to a secret tunnel entrance to the Green Dragon Tavern. Since we are trying to stay below Notoriety level 3, take your time and cautiously move towards that position. Open conflict will fail this optional objective.
     D. Now inside the tunnels. Note when you approach lamps light them to mark that you have explored that area, which helps later. Here’s the way to go: Straight from entrance, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, the left to your destination.
     E. Now up to the open air and make your way to the print shop and kill the two guards near the entrance then go inside and cutscene. Follow Sam Adams till he leaves your company. Speak with the Harbor Master to head back to Davenport Homestead to start the next memory.

IV. River Rescue
(Optional Objective-Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry.)
     A. Speak with Achilles only to have the conversation cut short, run outside and talk to the scared man to begin the memory. Follow Godfrey to the riverbank.
     B.  To accomplish your goal and avoid falling in the water follow these instructions
               - Try not to watch Terry and just concentrate on getting to the right area.
               - Run up the rocks, across the log to rocks.
               -Jump to the log, run across it, jump to next one, run across, and repeat till you get to a long log in closer to the middle of the river. Use it to jump to the left side of the river jumping, repeat till you reach a long tree that you will use to jump to the other side, jump, and run, repeat till you reach a fallen tree which should match with Terry floating below. Use the on screen prompts to cause Connor to reach out and save Terry. If you missed him at the fallen tree just jump into the water to restart the memory.
     C. You can now do the mission from the cutscene or leave it for later and travel to Achilles and continue with the main story line. After a cutscene Connor narrate your travel in time. Move to the waypoint to begin a new seafaring memory.

V. The Hard Way
(Optional Objectives- Sustain no damage before you reach Martha’s Vineyard/ - Use the swivel gun to destroy to ships/ -successfully brace during an attack on 3 separate occasions.)
      A. This is a tutorial on the Naval Missions of Assassins Creed 3. Begin by talking to Robert Faulkner.
               - Getting to Martha’s Vineyard is easy, just follow the craft ahead of you
               - Pay attention to the rocks and stay well clear of them
               - Remember to use B or the Circle button to switch your sail to half to avoid large gust of wind, and make tight turns
     B. Take charge of the Swivel gun once you are ambushed. You need to sink two to complete the optional objective. Just release the trigger when the cursor is all red.
     C. Now for the brace ability tutorial. When the water between you and the frigate turns red, that means it’s preparing to fire. Press x or square as its cannons burst to reduce damage, or avoid it all together. Once you have done it right 3 times send that scallywag to Davey Jones Locker.

VI. Power Source Number One
     A. Climb the ladder in front of you and follow the path to the right, Jump up to the scaffold and then the yellow pipe and run to the end of it. Run over the ventilation duct and reach the elevator shaft.
     B. Free run through the shaft to the other side, then climb up. Swing around to the right to jump down, then up into the next room. Use the pole to jump on to the boxes and then slide under the doorway.
     C. Climb the crane arm and jump to the girder. You will now need to jump from post, etc to post to make your way to the other side and up to platform above. This one can be hard, so take your time if you’re having trouble.
     D. Run over to the giant spindle and slide under, then up and through the metal tube. Once out of the tube, turn left and over the obstacles and up to the next layer. Then jump from girder to girder cross the walk roof, then climb up the open upper level to the top of the crane arm.
     E. Once on top of the crane arm a cutscene happens. Follow Rebecca’s prompts to jump and activate your parachute, then guide yourself over to the highlighted roof.
     F. From your starting position climb the decrepit staircase, and enter the room to trigger a cutscene. When over climb the stairs inside to reach a broken walkway. Turn left and move to the far wall climb to the ledge then shimmy left, around a corner, then another till you make a jump that triggers another cutscene. Walk up to the slot and insert the Power Source, then go back to the lower level. You can now talk to everyone, check email, etc. before entering the animus and starting the next Sequence.

Sequence 06

I. On Johnson’s Trail
(Optional Objectives- Stay below Notoriety level 2/ - Use firearms no more than 6 times/ -Use powder kegs to blow up three caches of smuggled cargo)
     A. Fast travel from the Homestead to Boston and to the memory marker at the docks and having a talk with Sam Adams, walk with him till a cutscene. When it ends help the Frenchman deal with the four soldiers. You might need to take down a poster to clear your notoriety, then travel to the meeting place.
     B. After a cutscene leave the building and head straight to the docks and the right side of the restricted area avoiding the 4 stationary and 1 patrolling guards on the West side. Now wait till the coast is clear and use your pistol to hit the powder keg with precision mode. As soon as you fire quickly escape back the way you came behind the building under the ship being built and to the other side of it to avoid any soldiers.
     C. Being ever so sneaky Ubisoft didn’t put a powder key next to the next cache so, you will have to pick up one, and calmly walk it over to it. If your calm and don’t run you should be perfect. Then move over to the boat and precision shot it, before quickly diving into the safety of the water.
     D. Swim over to your next objective and climb up and watch the two guards. They move like they are on the parade grounds slow and precise. They are slow so wait for right time and climb up and position a key next to the cargo, and do as the last. Shoot and swim away, exit the restricted area.
     E. Now all we have left is to kill two groups of tax collectors, and destroy two crates carried by smugglers.
               -Tax Collectors, Best to wait till they are away from red coat protection. Start with an air assassination, then deal with them quickly. Any notoriety should be taken care of immediately by tearing down posters.
               - The Smugglers are easier, just bump into them and run away they will give chase, but eventually give up.

II. The Angry Chef
(Optional Objectives- Limit time spent in a single session of open conflict to more than 15 seconds/ - Limit Chapheau’s health loss to no more than 50%/ - Perform five low profile assassinations)
     A. You will need to chase after Chapheau, until he engages the first two guards. Move behind the most distant of two and assassinate him, then quickly take out his partner before a real fight starts.
     B. The next quick skirmish is much harder. There is a waypoint beforehand which can help in reloading. Quickly get behind the first grenadier and assassinate him, then his companion. Now you have a second pair to take out, with a countdown timer in open combat. One way to do it is to defeat the regular quickly, then quickly assassinate the other grenadier from behind as he is distracted by Chapheau.
     C. Follow Chapheau through left the alleyway. Then move quickly ahead to assassinate the two soldiers approaching before Chapheau can start a fight. Then do this again at a later alley. After the cutscene follow the instructions to direct him to the appropriate target.

III. The Boston Tea Party
( Optional Objectives – Dump 10 crates of tea into the water/ - Throw three Redcoats into the water/ -Performa musket air assassination)
               - Dump as many boxes of tea into the water as fast as you can. B/Circle to pick them up, A/X to throw them into the water. Get all 10 done here, as it will get hectic later.
               -There are gun racks on the ships. You need one in order to perform a musket assassination, try and knock this one out as soon as you get your 10 or more tea boxes done.
               -The opening skirmishes are easy, but they get harder as the number volumes rise as they go on.
               -When Revere and Molineux get overwhelmed respond quickly and try and keep their health up, protect them both before till the timer ends.

IV. Hostile Negotiations
(Optional Objectives- Reach Johnson undetected/ - Kill Johnson before a single Native American is killed/ - Perform a swan dive to escape.)
     A. Head to the Homestead to find the Marker, then to the frontier. This will be a speed and stealth based mission if you wish to pass the optional. Start by free run to get to the riverbank. Then swim over and wait for the right time when the lone patroller turns away and over the rock and further up what feels like a dead end till you find a hard to see ledge.
     B. The ledge lets you climb to the top of the cliff, a jump then cross the log to find a feather. Cautiously climb up and be wary of the guard with the short patrol route. He isn’t easy to kill, so wait for the right time and hide just to the left of him, then take him out on his return. Now calmly creep passed the guard crouched by the cliff.
     C. You can now head left and have to deal with a lot of troops, and two man patrol, or you head to the tree and free run over to the cliff. Watch the two man patrol and wait for them to pass before making your way to the house and a cutscene.
     D. After the cutscene very quickly get to the tree in front of you and use them to get to the house, then to the front for a quick air assassination of Johnson. The timing is hard, so just reload if you fail to do so before you fail your optional.
     E. When you gain control don’t wait around quickly run from the front of the house to the top of the cliff then swan dive into the water. Stay submerged and head towards the reeds for cover till the Sequence ends.

Sequence 07

I. The Midnight Ride
(Optional Objectives- Do not trigger open conflict/ - Reach Prescott’s location within two minutes)
(This can get confusing, so just ask Revere or look at your map if you get lost)
    A. This is a tough one not to trigger conflict. Travel to Paul Revere’s house at the waypoint in Boston to start the memory. You start in the frontier area with you both on horses. At anytime you can tap the L joystick/L2 for other console to ask for directions from Revere.
     B. As you reach the first junction, slow to a trot and travel left on the fork until the Redcoats pass. Now travel straight till you reach a house that has a small path that veers right (northeast). Head to the back of the first house, and get off your horse. Wait till the coast is clear then trigger a cutscene at the front door. When it’s over get on your horse and travel in a west, south west direction through the fields, and woods to avoid other patrols. Your goal is to travel this direction till you reach a part of the river that bends towards you. This is the spot where the water is shallow enough to get your horses across without drowning.
     C. Pass the first house on the left, then stop and knock on the next one. Then north on the trail as it curves to the west till you near a bridge. Stop and wait till the redcoats pass out of view then cross it and head north. Your next house is on the left, dismount and knock on the door. The first part of the optional don’t get detected should be over.
     D. After the cutscene quickly mount your horse, and head slightly south till you get to a small path heading north east or leftish. Continue northeast till the main road, head right around the curve for a second only to turn left heading North on a small path.
     E. Now continue on this path till you reach an east/west junction and head east. Travel along this road till you hit due north to the house, then finish heading back down and northeast to the house. Once you knock on the door the memory ends.

II. Lexington and Concord.
(Optional Objectives- Rescue the civilian hostages/ - kill a group of regulars on a single order on five occasions)
     A. Talk to John Parker at the memory start to begin. You now have a 3:00 timer so run to your horse on the right side of the track, ignore the chaos around you and this should be no trouble.
     B. Near the west side of Concord ride south at the junction and behind the soldiers driving the civilian hostages and perform a leap off assassination on the officer in the rear, then kill his three underlings.
     C. Back on your horse your need to head to take charge of three different firing lines. You will need to ride between your soldiers and issue commands on when to fire at the right moment. You will need to judge which area needs your help the most. You will need to defeat around 120 plus redcoats to win.

II. Conflict Looms
(Optional Objectives – Cross Charlestown without taking damage/ - Air assassinate a grenadier/ - Remain undetected on the ships)
     A. Speak to the soldier at the Memory start marker to start. You will gain control at Bunker Hill. Follow the scout on your horse, then over to Israel Putnam. After a cutscene, head straight and slightly left down and down between the tree line till you climb the house on the right, then up to the roof. Keep moving to keep from getting by the constant barrage. Run along the roof tops jumping from house to house till you reach the last brick house.
     B. Now use the tree to the side of it to work your way to the ground, then move to the alleyway to the right of the house. Exit the alleyway and swerve to the right to avoid the redcoats and keep going straight. Then left across several post and ships till you hit the open water and then swim to the ship out east.
     C. Swim around back to the boat behind the ship then climb to the east side of the ship. Cautiously watch the patrol routes and wait till the redcoat is facing away from you, and the grenadier is facing away perform a ledge assassination so that the victim is thrown into the water.
     D. When clear climb up and fast walk to the right and hide behind the crates. Now you can use the whistle ability to cause the redcoat who is circling you area to break his patrol and search the area of the noise so you can corner assassinate before the Grenadier would see it.
     E. Now watch the Grenadiers path and wait for him to he’s moving away before climbing the crates in the middle of his patrol area and the mast. Wait till he walk beneath you before performing the air assassination. Now go to the waypoint and plant the explosives then escape into the water.
     F. Swim to the next ship, and use the boat behind it to start your climb. Move all the way to just underneath the side right next to the mast. Wait until the guard patrolling next to you passes then quickly climb and fast walk to the waypoint. You could try and be stealthy here but I couldn’t find a why other than just dumb luck about being spotted. As soon as you place the explosives fast walk back to the edge and jump into the water. Then climb back onside with the soldiers dead, and scale the central mast to place the flag before performing a leap of faith to swim to shore and end the memory.

III. The Battle of Bunker Hill
(Optional Objectives – Cross the battlefield without taking any damage/ - Limit regular kills to four/ -Air Assassinate Pitcairn without being detected.)
     A. This Memory begin as soon as the last one ends. Mount the horse and make your way to the waypoint marker and arrive for Putnam’s speech, and a cutscene. When you gain back control, use cover, and timing to make your way across the battlefield without taking damage. You will hear someone yell warning like Incoming or take cover just before the redcoat lines fire. After the flashes end run to the next position. You may need to reload this a couple time to accomplish this.
     B. Keep going till you are passed to the left of the main forces, then get to the trees for some free running to bypass the patrols heading your way. Free run to reach the waypoint at the cliff.
     C. From the cliff carefully approach the camp, till you find a patrolling redcoat. Wait for the right time then perform a stealth assassination. This will make it easier to get to your next objective. Use the line of uncleared brush to get near the cart of hay, and wait here.
     D. Find the officer and wait for him to move out of view before moving to the next group of brush. Move to behind the tent then perform a corner assassination when time to allow you to free run to the trees and over a flagpole to set up the air assassination of Pitcairn. Which ends the sequence.

Sequence 08

I. Something on the side.
(Optional Objectives – Perform a successful static eavesdrop/ - Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop/ - Do not tackle or shove anyone.)
     A. After arriving in New York the memory begins. Mount the horse, and ride with your guide to take in the sights before a cutscene triggers. After it ends follow the counterfeiter into the alley. Blend in with the crowd to follow him, and then hug the wall just before entering the alley. This guy is very suspicious and will catch you if you don’t wait for him to finish waiting, and then leave the alley. Jog up to catch up with him.
     B. When he crosses the street to the other side wait before entering the alley blending in the crowd on the left hand side as a fight breaks out. Do not engage in it, and wait till he resumes his journey. Did I mention this guy is really suspicious?
     C. He will head left, and speed up his pace. Match it with the fast walk till you reach a wooden fence. There wait while he stares back. When you reach the steep wooden stairs climb it and hide behind some barrels and eavesdrop in on the conversation. Wait until they are done then drop down and continue.
     D. Use the street walk to the right to blend as your targets stares back at the street, then continue to an isolated area and stay behind the fence as your target approaches and then shockingly jumps into the well, to avoid the two man patrol. Then even more shockingly they walk right passed you both.
     E. Now comes the hard eavesdrop. One which you may have to do a couple times. Making use of blend to stay within the back of the circle, and in the long alley hide to the right to avoid both of them turning to search for someone behind them. Finally after a cutscene you get to chase Hickey through the streets.
     F. It’s hard but if you’re methodical you can avoid making contact with others. You will see a group of soldiers that block your path directly ahead, instead dart left, and then make the first right, and you should be able to tackle him in the alley.

II. Bridewell Prison
(Optional Objectives- Attack no more than one prison guard/ -Reach Hickey within 2 minutes)
     A. When the memory begins, move to the wall and eavesdrop before heading to the bed to speed up time. When you gain control again follow the guard to the lower level, and activate eagle vision to identify Weems. Speak to him, and then a cutscene. You must pickpocket Finch to continue. He can be found on the upper level talking to some prisoners. Follow him till he goes down the stairs and alone and steal what you need.
     B. Return to your cell, then when the next day begins go find Weems on the lower level. You now have to start a fight with one of three highlighted prisoners. They are immune to counter kill, so try counter disarming or other tactics. As soon as one is down another will join in if you’re fast enough. When done you will need to pickpocket the warden, and then use it to open the door. Follow him along the hallway, and wait to until he turns left then head upstairs to meet with Weems.
     C. Now you have 2 minutes to reach Hickey’s cell, time to use fast walk to reach the waypoint before you are detected.

III. Public Execution.
(Optional Objectives- Washington’s bodyguards must survive/ - kill two enemy militia.)
     A. Run and perform running assassinations by holding the RT/R1 button and tapping x/square just before you make contact to kill two enemy guards. Pick up his musket then fire on the Templar. Just keep restarting if you fail to save the bodyguards, this will probably take several tries.

(Now Desmond)
*Special Note* Getting detected by security forces is an immediate return to previous save. Real life is apparently harder, as blending and other things are hard to tell if they are working. If unsure who’s, who turn on Eagle vision.
IV. Power Source 2
     A. Walk through the tunnel and take the 2nd left and up the staircase and approach to trigger the cutscene, next walk through the door just right of the booths. Be wary, you will see a patrol ahead. They walk together when you first walk in, but break up later. Wait till they are both facing away from you to head through the door.
     B. There are guard looking searching for you. Use blend the best you can to get past the first group. Head over to the stall to blend if necessary, then into the bathroom to bypass the security checkpoint. Head to the green sign on the right and turn in front of it to avoid the 2nd one. The cut through the maintenance area, and then duck under the shutter. Climb onto the low roof, and then jump over the fence and through the open window.
     C. Walk up the stairs and follow the sole guard along the hallway till he stops. Climb onto the catwalk and cross to the opposite side of the stadium to an exit and a cutscene. You are now able to fight security making real life a lot more fun. Stop and take care of the guards in the hall, then listen in on Cross’s phone call before sneaking up for a silent takedown. Now retrace your steps to the metro exit, follow the signs till the cutscene ends the mission.
     D. Back at the Temple make your way to the doorway that opened up when you inserted the first power source. Jump over the broken stairs to reach the top floor, then back around to drop down the bottom level and enter the small room. Inside the room climb the walls, and make your way up to install the 2nd power source. Talk with your friends, and check the emails before returning to the Animus.

Sequence 09

I. Missing Supplies
(Optional Objectives – Catch the cart driver within 30 seconds/ - Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy/ - Kill three camp guards without being detected)
     A. After the cutscene, ride to the memory start marker to the far west of the frontier and speak with George Washington outside his house. When you are done head to the waypoint and enter the abandoned building for another cutscene.
     B. Analyze clues in the search zone, starting with the destroyed crate. You will then need to follow the trail to the next clue. You now have two options, hide and wait for the large redcoat patrol to pass, or if you are in a hurry set an ambush, or go open conflict. After getting your 2nd clue head east and be prepared to have to chase someone and tackle him. Finally you will find a cart, and when you approach it you will need to give chase to its driver, run him down and tackle him. Then run to the waypoint to intercept the convoy.
     C. Now you got the easy fail the optional objective way of just getting into the cart and letting it do all the work, or you can be a stickler for 100% completion and go the slightly harder route. You will need to follow the convoy staying behind, and slightly out of the way. Remember to not engage anyone as you are trying to sneak in unnoticed. But when you see a guard relaxing next to a pile of hay, hide in it and assassinate him to trigger a cutscene.
     D. Now in the hay cart and inside the bad guy’s camp wait for the patrol to near the cart then assassinate him, before jumping out and cautiously following the driver and his partner till you can enter an vacant shelter for cover. Look out and notice the guard hiding behind cover with his back to you. When the driver and his partner move out of view then assassinate him. You can push him up against his hiding place as you assassinate him and hope he stays just out of sight or try moving him to the shelter. Either way you will need to eliminate another guard with a corner assassination.
     E. Follow your target to the cabin for a cutscene, then you will have to stop your pop from taking a beating, which should be easy enough for you by now.

II. Father and Son
(Optional Objective- Don’t get detected while stealing mercenary outfit.)
*Note this memory and the next are locked together so now might be good time to knock out a few side quest, etc before starting.*    
     A. This Memory start is in New York. Follow Haytham over rooftops, with a couple cutscene’s to come. Down a ladder for another.
*Note East New York is a much nicer/darker place depending upon wether or not you have freed the district. If not ignore the executions that are happening because you haven’t and save it for later*
      B. Head out, right, long left, then right to move in to intercept your target. Head up to the waterfront and take note of the hay cart. An officer and buddy will stop and check it. Wait for him to move off and for your prey to be out of the way. Use the cart to hide till he’s near it, and then jump out and assassinate him and loot his body. To end the memory.

III. The Foam and the Flames.
(Optional Objectives - Don’t let Haytham health fall below 50%/ - Don’t take any fire damage.)
     A. Follow Haytham, and quickly eliminate all enemies to keep his health up. They aren’t the normal tough soldiers, but a few can be called similar to the grenadier, and they must be taken out immediately. If his health falls too low just reload.
     B. Now you must escape the burning building, so climb the ramp and jump to the rafters free run avoiding the fire and jump through the two boards forming a v window. Land then, then turn right till the path collapses a little, then run underneath the burning beams.
     C. Now you should see basically an un-highlighted path that isn’t on fire. Use that to scale the wall up and back eject to a higher platform. Now jump to a beam and continue up till you find a way out of the top to end this memory.

IV. A Bitter End.
(Optional Objectives – Limit Environmental Damage to 20%/ - Stay within 500 meters of the schooner/ - Achieve a minimum kill streak of three)
*Note this will go a lot easier if you have upgraded the Aquila, and done some naval side quest, to get better acquainted with water battles*
     A. Appear next to Haytham near the marker. You can start the mission or take care of other things first. Once the mission starts remember to use the half sails to make sharp turns, then back to full. Make sure to stay within 500 meters of the schooner and avoid any collisions.
     B. Avoid the Man-of-War and sink the smaller vessels with your normal shots, save the good stuff for it after you take out all the little guys. The easiest way is to grapeshot its mast so that it is dead in the water. Then sail to it to trigger a cutscene.
     C. On the Man-of-War the best way to get your kill streak is to take out the officer first then his buddies, don’t try this with more than one officer as they will stop the streak. After the battle is over head to the waypoint marker to end the sequence.

Sequence 10

I. Alternative Methods
(Optional Objectives – Use two guards as human shields/ - Tackle the target from above)
     A. Meet up with Haytham in New York to start. Follow him on a free run through the burned out section. In the fight that comes up, make sure to make use of the human shields to get the objective, which is easy with so many people shooting. When the body guards are done run head over to the targets.
     B. Sprint after the escapee keeping to the right hand side of the street to avoid a patrol. You can follow your prey when he makes his first right, but an easier solution is to keep and running and take the next right to get ahead of him and set up an air tackle. This may take many run throughs to get right, plus if you do get above him and the timing isn’t right, just continue ahead till you get it right.

II. Broken Trust.
(Optional Objectives- Do not touch the ground/ - Stop the Patriot Messengers within 3 minutes/ - Stop the Kanien’keha:ka with non-lethal methods.)
     A. Travel to the Frontier and meet with Haytham to start near Valley Forge for a cutscene. Now you must stop the Patriot messager’s without touching the ground.
               -The First messenger is attending to his hurt horse; you should see him just after the initial waypoint. No need to do anything special.
               -Next you will find a group of three, use an assassination on the one in the rear, and shoot the next two. Don’t let the last get one unhorsed as he will try to fight on ground and could take you off your horse.
               -The last Messenger will be hard to catch up with, and may take two or three bullets, or arrows to take out.
     B. Travel to your village. After a cutscene you will need to stop the Kanien’keha:ka using non-lethal means. Select your fist as your primary, then run till close and sneak up and tap x to knock them out. If you are smart then you shouldn’t have problems being seen, if you do drop a smoke bomb.

III. Battle of Monmouth
(Optional Objectives – Neutralize 8 platoons with a single cannonball/ - kill two platoons simultaneously with a single cannonball/ - prevent three executions.)
     A. After the cutscene take charge of a cannon command. Use the left joystick to aim, and A/ X to fire, and the R joystick to pan your view. Have fun and blow up a lot of redcoats. If you want to retry reload to get the optional done.
     B. You now have 3:00 minutes to retreat to waypoints left like breadcrumbs. You can do that easily enough, but you also have to stop three Patriot assassinations. After crossing the river and passing a general store you will see your first chance. Charge up and pistol shot the first, and maybe the 2nd then deal with the others. Counter kills, and kill streaks make things go faster. Remember you are on the clock. The next is just passed a large barn in front of a house. The third is down the road on the right side, passed some crops, with the waypoint close.

(Back as Desmond)
IV. Power Source 03
     A. Walk along the corridor until you reach two guards, and then take them out when they openly attack. It takes some getting used to not being able to fight like you can inside the animus. So it might take some practice.
     B. After the cutscene at the elevator climb up, perform a ledge assassination then jump up and take out the guards how you see fit. When done heading from the elevator head to Conference C on the left. Reach the foyer take a right and kill the guards before heading left and jumping through the broken window and walk up to the door on the left. After the cutscene activate Eagle vision to see Subject 16 messages in the lab (Those who played the original will remember.)
     C. Kill the two guards then chase after Daniel Cross, follow him through a window then work your way down and take out a few guards when the opportunity presents itself. Eagle vision will show you Cross as the golden target. Get to his position, and then assassinate him.
     D. You now have a gun, and one way to go straight ahead. Deal with all the guards till a woman opens a door. The rest is all about the narrative, so I’m going to leave that to you.
     E. Now back, run up the steps you took to do the 2nd power source, and then take a right, use the poles to swing forward, then take another right, head up some steps. You will notice a lot of items lit up with a creepy orange light. Let that guide your way, jump from pillar to pillar to the wall , etc till you are at the upper area.
     F. Free run through till you need to swing your way over to a ledge on the opposite side. Continue to jump across from pillar or ledges till you get to the other side and the power source can be installed. Now talk to your friends, and check your emails before getting into the animus.

Sequence 11

I. Battle of Chesapeake
(Optional Objectives – Destroy 3 ships with a single broadside/ - Destroy 2 frigates by blasting their powder stores/ - Counter kill five enemies)
     A. Head down to the Aquila and speak with Faulkner to gain access to the naval map. Then select the icon on start the mission. The opening of the battle is your best chance to pass the optional of 3 killed with single broadside. Head directly ahead and turn and destroy three schooners. If you fail just restart. Now finish up the rest till the 3 frigates appear.
     B. Target the far right frigate, and aim just to the front of the main mast, this is tricky. If you succeed then great because the last are harder, and have to be disabled a little before scanning for weak points.
     C. Ram the Man-of-War, and enter the deck. Remain stationary and let them come to you so you can complete the 5 counter kills right away.  After done finish up the rest, after killing the Captain you have a sprint on your hands to escape.

I. Lee’s Last Stand
(Optional Objectives – Reach the signal tower within three minutes/ - Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire/ - Limit health loss to less that 50%)
*This is your last chance to finish any side quest before the main story line takes over and finishes*
     A. New York City-Make your way to the underground, and walk to the waypoint to start the mission. After exiting the underground assassinate the guard by the well, then scale the building to the south with the ladder to get to the roof. Use this to get to the taller building to the right of the one you scaled. Cross it and jump to the building behind it. Continue this way with an eye out for a guard patrolling just left of you. Take him out with a silent bow shot, or some poison darts then continue till you come to a leap of faith with a hay cart below it and jump.
     B. Wait for the right time and assassinate the guard before heading up the tower and lighting the signal fire. Now move towards the way point to begin a cutscene showdown
     C. Use a lot of counter moves, and your surroundings to keep your health up in this battle.

Sequence 12

I. Laid to Rest
(Optional Objectives – Limit regular kills to 15/ - Kill the HMS Jersey’s Captain/ - Escape the Jersey without entering open conflict)
     A. This memory starts immediately. Walk calmly to the waypoint for a cutscene. Then kill the mercenaries, then you may want to try and sneak passed the next group of mercenaries, or you may not be able to. Either way with the graveyard in your rearview, you now must reach the HMS Jersey, and you are at full Notoriety. So head east using cover and giving all people a wide berth. I prefer to use the roof tops, but this is up to you. But make sure you give the restricted area a wide berth. Your goal is to get to the water to swim out to the Jersey.
     B. Climb her carefully as there are guards who can spot you just out of bad luck, just keep going and hope for the best. The Guard at the top will spot you later if you try to bypass him so just use a silent assassination. The climb up and take notice of the guard down below. Work your way down towards the captains window which has beam you need to jump on. Climb up outside his window and listen in on his conversation; after drop down and head right being mindful of the patrols till you line up behind the stationary guard who needs to be assassinated and thrown into the ocean.
     C. Immediately after head right before climbing up and once in a safe place take note of the Captain patrol route. This is a great opportunity to use poison darts as it will hit him and take a second for him to die away from you. Head down and do your eavesdropping till the men leave the cabin. From this hidden position you should also be able to line up a shot on the captain with the poison darts and then let him stubble away so you can jump into the sea unseen.

II. Chasing Lee
(Optional Objectives – Stay within 50 meters of Lee/ - Do not shove anyone during the chase/ - Do not take any fire damage)
     A. Enter the Green Dragon Tavern where this all started and activate eagle vision to find Lee. The chase with the optional’s is kind’ve hard. You will have to weave as powder kegs explode. Use ledges and beams to bypass the soldiers, and weave around others when there is nothing to jump onto. Next when you get to the point where a bunch of soldiers move up to block your path, quickly dart to the left and be fast to avoid them. Then you will need to jump a corner to miss the next ones.
     B. After than just avoid civilians all together if you can following Lee under a ship being built and up the ramp, a right, then a slide beneath a gap.
     C. After the explosion identify a non flame path and work your way up the steps and over, then a wall will fall giving you and opening to go through the door on the left. Now stay in the center and free run with Connor taking over once. Keep following Lee till he swings out of view then run and jump up to get the cutscene.

III. December 20, 2012
     A. You get one final opportunity to check emails, and if all the power sources are installed follow the other assassins to the vault gate

Section II

Mentionable Side Quest

Courier Missions

 Available/ Mission

Sequence 02/ Central Boston Letters

Sequence 05/ Frontier Letters

Sequence 05/ North Boston Letters (After Boston’s Most Wanted)

Sequence 09/ East New York Letters (After Missing Supplies)

-500.00 after completion of letters. Sometimes these deliveries may take you near someone who wants to attack you so plan accordingly or if you like a good fight then deal with them.

Delivery Request

Available/ Mission

Sequence 05/ Lexington= (Beaver teeth x5/ Bear Pelt x3/ Bobcat Pelt x3/ Cougar Pelt x3/ Wolf pelt x3)

Sequence 05/ Troy’s Wood= (Bear Claws x3/ Bobcat Claws x3/ Wolf Fangs x3/ Cougar Fangs x3/ Elk Antlers x3)

Sequence 05/ Central Boston (After Most  Wanted)*Note several things aren’t available to be made till Sequence 10 starts* =(Paper x3/ Hair Accessory x2/ Toy Dolls x2/ Golden Ring x1/ Soap x2)

Sequence 06/ South Boston (After the Angry Chef)*Note wait till Sequence 07 for all things to become available)= (Raccoon Pelt x5/ Deer Pelt x5/ Beaver Pelt x5/ Buttons x2/ Fox Pelts x3)

Sequence 09/ Valley Forge =(Bear Grease x1/ Deer Marrow x3/ Rabbits foot x5/ Elk Heart x1/ Fox Tail x1)

Sequence 09/ West New York =(Salt x1/ Venison x5/ Hare meat x5/ Elk Meat x5/ Bread x2)

Sequence 09/ East New York =(Ales x3/ Ciders x2/ Spirits x2/ Tea x2/ Deer Jerky x2)

Sequence 09/ North New York=(Cough Syrup x1/ Eye Drops x1/ Pomade x1/ All Purpose Remedy x1/ Stomach ache Remedy x1)

-1,000.00 upon completion.

Assassination Contract

Available/ Missions

Sequence 05/ Frontier Contracts (After Boston’s Most Wanted)

Sequence 06/ Boston Contracts

Sequence 09/ New York Contracts

-2,000.00 upon completion. These work kind’ve like the courier missions but instead of delivering some mail you are delivering a blade.

Attacking a Convoy-

You are free to proceed as you wish, just remember why you came and loot afterwards.


-The Frontier Forts can be attack after 05, but it’s better to wait till you have more weapon like in 06 or 07, Boston opens up at 06, and New York in 09

There are 3 simple steps to capture a fort

               1. Stalk and kill the Captain

               2. Ignite the Powder Reserve

               3. Lower the British Flag

The first 2 can happen in any order, but the flag has to be last.

Frontier= Fort St. Mathieu, Fort Monmouth, Fort Duquesne

Boston= Fort Hill, Fort Independence

New York= Fort Washington, Fort Division

Liberation Missions

-Introduced during 06 when you meet Stephane Chapheau.

This is a good thing to do and makes traveling easier, and gives you much more help. Plus each section of the city, etc will give you an assassin to help if you need it. Each with their own ability

Boston Central- Stephane Chapheau (Mad Chef) (Assassinate/ Riot)
Boston South- Clipper Wilkinson (Marksmen)
Boston North- Duncan Little (Bodyguard)
New York North- Dobby Carter (Lure)
New York East- Jacob Zenger (Covert Escort)
New York West- Jamie Colley (Ambush)

Some of the Missions you will need to succeed in to raise your level to Liberated

Boston =
(Most of the time while doing these missions the guards will consider you the bad guy afterwards and raise heaven and earth to kill you. So find water, out of view hiding spot, etc afterwards and pay off the town criers)    
(What ever you do don't highlight the icon on the map. For some reason this alerts them when you are near. Highlight an area next to the icon, then calmly go about your business like you were there to do something else.)
*Note* For the special missions you will need to find your contract as they are the tiny icon after you have done some of the smaller missions to get their attention.
     1. Defeat Escorts- Generally this is 4 guards taking prisoners somewhere. Usually 2 prisoners. The best way i've found is to calmly walk up and assassinate the first as they bunch up. I actually assassinated all 3 straight before having to quickly attack the 4th.
     2. Kill Conscription Agents- Agent is on the horse trying to force the other guy on the horse into military service. YOU NEED A HORSE BEFORE STARTING THIS. Made the mistake of coming upon this one without one and couldn't run him down. With horse easy. Just use horse to horse assassination.
     3. Protect Mercant- This one can be hard as there really is one main guy you have to kill. He should have a gold icon while the rest have red ones. Once he's done then your ok. Just don't let him get away.
     4. Free Captives- You are gonna want to take a second to scope out the area. Generally they are in a back alley, etc. with guards watching the ways in and two watching the prisoner. Take to the roof tops avoid the outer guards and a lot of times you can double assassinate the enterior guards then free the captive in the stocks
-Martial Law- From where the cutscene ends walk back and behind the building and calmly up and into the haycart. Assassinate the guard next to it, then blend in with the crowd. Then use the marksmen ability on the Templar
-Gangs of Boston- Travel to the restricted area, then use the bodyguard ability when directed, then calmly walk up and assassinate the Templar
New York City
     1. Beat up a Merchant- Go non lethal and smack him around till out, so the starving kids can eat
     2. Defend a Farmer- Pull out your favorite weapon and go to work. Personally i go tomahawk, and rope dart to take mess with the guys who can't be blocked and don't like to be countered. Then survive usually 2 to 2.5 waves of guards, making sure your farmer survives.
     3. Prevent Evictions- Two guards, and a ruthless Bailiff sent to evict people from their homes. You can walk up and hand them 150.00 if your afraid of conflict, but why not just kill these three?
     4. Burn Infected Blankets- Burn the blankets, no real conflict, because nobody wants small pox
     5. Carry Sick Civilian- No real conflict, carry them to clinic
     6. Put down rabid dog- Hard to tell sometimes, i've put down normal dogs too lol
     7. Beat up officer- You will need to kill the three guys next to him, before he kneels down and you have to strong arm him for info. Careful where you do this, because this can escalate into the whole city coming after you.
     8. Prevent an Execution- Sounds harder than it is. If you didn't highlight this icon, and calmly walk up you can silent assassinated them all as they all line up in a line. I did it, got all 4, usually though you have to quickly attack the last one.
     9. Plant false Documents- Usually, i stress usually you can steak up on the guy and reverse pickpocket him. But sometimes they are ultra jumpy, and you just have to let it go and try again with another icon. I started one where he was already in red as i got the mission, so don't get frustrated.
-Hoarding Provisions- After the cutscene infiltrate the restricted zone, head to the waypoint. When you approach the grenadiers protecting the path, hide in the bushes and use the lure. Then sprint up the path and assassinate the Templar
-Protect the Clinic- You have 30 seconds to prepare, with 3 choke points. You can deal with them normal style, set up powder kegs near spots, or use trip wires. Either way once the couple waves are over your done.
-In the wolfs Lair- Use the covert escort ability to sneak up and assassinate the Templar

*Note* now that you have assassins train them by sending them on missions